TIC Ltd helping you every step of the way
Private Equity & Venture Capital

TIC Ltd work with the Private Equity and Venture Capital sectors. Areas of engagement include: acting as trusted advisors on the TIC market; consultancy on industry trends; M&A targets; and the analysis of current TIC industry players. TIC Ltd provide a highly confidential and professional service to this and similar sectors.

Targeted Industry Sector Review

We have a wide knowledge of the TIC industry and we can provide access to a number of specialist associates, who can conduct a detailed review of your targeted industry sectors within the TIC industry space. Equipped with this detailed review, you will have the information you need to drive profitable growth and develop your future plans confidently, minimising commercial, operational and reputational risks.

Strategic Planning and/or Implementation

The TIC industry is a complex, multi-faceted business, covering many sectors and services that are often delivered from within the same organisation. Having robust and measurable strategic plans, for both the medium and long term, is vital to the continued success of your business. To enable such planning to take place, it is crucial to gather a wide range of information, including specific industry knowledge, and consider it alongside market trends and technological and regulatory developments. TIC Ltd can provide you with both the experience and expertise to enable your management team to concentrate on delivering the day-to-day business imperatives, revenue and profit growth.

Sales and marketing reviews and planning

Surprisingly sales and marketing planning and delivery has been and in many cases still is the poor relation within the TIC industry.  This situation has been generated by the days when testing, inspection and certification was in the main mandatory and therefore the need to delight clients was not at the forefront of businesses in this sector.  This has certainly changed and excellent sales and marketing is now a must have function to be successful.  It is not good enough to have this as a part time job for the engineering team, although their involvement is important at the technical detail level.  The first hurdle is to understand the market, the trends, client’s needs, including timescales.  Acquiring new business and just as important hanging on to existing clients requires planning and detailed implementation.  TIC Ltd has the ability to guide and mentor your people in this critical area, if necessary to provide ongoing support.

Driving Sales Growth

A decline in sales orders will eventually translate into falling revenues and profits. Where sales orders are running below expectation, TIC Ltd has the ability to carry out detailed sales & marketing reviews, which can lead to a robust and measurable plan to drive sales order growth. These reviews encompass organisational structure, KPIs, incentive plans, utilisation, lead generation, key account management, telesales and field sales targeting, to name but a few of the areas where our specialist associates are able to add value. TIC Ltd has the skills to execute, guide and mentor in this critical area and, if necessary, to provide ongoing support.

Re-energising Existing Businesses

Static business units are always a problem to deal with. The challenge is to ensure that the cause, or causes of decline/stagnation are identified, and that a robust and measurable action plan is implemented to return your business to growth. An independent review will re-energise your business by providing senior management with the necessary resources they need to bring the underperforming business unit back to performing as a positively contributing part of the overall business. TIC Ltd has a number of specialist associates with a proven record of improving business performance and can provide you with the right support to make the necessary changes to ensure future growth.

Acquisition Review, Integration, Planning and Implementation

Business growth and expansion rely not only upon continued organic growth, but also upon bringing into the company additional resources, either within existing streams, or by adding new sectors and services that will enhance the portfolio. Finding additional resources that are the ‘right fit’ can be a time-consuming and potentially risky operation. To have access to a completely independent view of the suitability of a target business is an asset. Utilising our ability to provide specific industry sector knowledge, TIC Ltd can provide you with such a view, encapsulated by clear information to support your decision making. In addition, we can provide you with the benefit of our extensive experience of planning and delivering acquisition integration, thereby boosting your available management resources and enabling your full-time management to concentrate on the day-to-day running of the business.

Strategic IT Needs for the TIC Industry

All successful businesses share the same need for safe, secure and efficient IT systems and processes. However, each industry sector has its own specific IT needs and the TIC industry is no different in this regard. Indeed, due to the myriad of sectors, services and regulatory requirements, TIC businesses require an IT strategist who understands these complexities. TIC Ltd has in-depth knowledge and experience of the IT requirements and peculiarities associated with the TIC industry. Our specialist team can support you with developing strategic IT plans and then guide you through the process from inception to delivery.

Certification and/or Notified Body Structures and Setup

It is not only important for companies to have products and systems inspected and/or tested, but also to have independent certification of the same. This is especially true when formulating a bid for a significant tender. A consequence of failure in this regard is that un-accredited testing and/or inspection businesses are losing out on previously biddable work and are consequently looking to become Certification or Notified Bodies in their own right. TIC Ltd can provide the advice, knowledge and expertise you need to achieve this goal. We can clarify what is required for operating in such a manner within the EU and throughout other regions in the world, working alongside you every step of the way.

Interim Management/Mentoring

Whether due to impressive growth, new acquisitions, underperforming business units, or short-term illness, there is sometimes a need to boost the management capacity of a company. Within the TIC industry, this is often difficult to achieve due to its specialist nature. We can provide support, development and mentoring which will benefit the business. TIC Ltd can also support you and your business by providing interim management which will stabilise and drive the business forward.